hi i'm summer i'm 21 and you'll find mostly tao and hyo here pls enjoy
Leader vs. Maknae           hyung~(✿¬⌣¬)ノ(눈_눈;)

/dumbyoung makes another appearance

Defconn & Doni completely baffled… Joon Young’s not paying attention

24th Aug

junmen’s english talking in TLP in Singapore

junmen: singapore…. exo-L singapore is beautiful… wonderful….. *pauses bc doesn’t know what else to say*

fans: /lol/

baekhyun: no??

junmen: ah… this is…. it’s my limit okay

fans & exo: /lmao/

junmen: this is my limit.. limit limit limit

zitao: he can’t speak english okay

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20th Aug



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