hi i'm summer i'm 21 and you'll find mostly tao and hyo here pls enjoy

YM.Noh: Was resting with AB Style during our journey. A preacher came over suddenly came over and said she wanted to pray for us, then she started praying for us in English. Feels like I’m under some kind of protection~!!

*referring to this. Noh Youngmin is EXO’s manager and he will be following Tao to Solomon Islands to film Law of The Jungle. Tao was seen arriving Brisbane this morning (as of 21/7) and has most probably arrived Solomon Islands. Let’s hope that Tao and the staffs will finish filming the show happily and safely ♡

tao and his fanclub (baekhyun + new members)

20th Jul


Tao: I say “WE ARE-“

Fans: “ONE!!!!!!”

Tao: I haven’t said “ONE”! Why are you guys saying “ONE?!”


Video Credit: 小相的樱桃CherryTAO

19th Jul






welp she warned them 

baekhyun was smacked in the ass by tao

kyungsoo during love, love, love